Music Creation Games

Hello my reader!

I’m working on my master’s thesis at the moment and it’s about music creation games. What are those? Well I may haven’t yet gotten the final form of the definition that I’m going to use but here’s a good starting point:

Music creation games are games that…

  • Enable you to compose music in real time (a.k.a. Active Score Music)
  • Gives you the chance to create music without goals (a.k.a free-form play)

Good examples of this kind of games are Electroplankton on Nintendo DS and a newer title Sentris. Actually there aren’t that many games that have the music creation embedded to the mechanics. There are much more musical prototypes that some developers have made but there aren’t that much music creation games that actually would’ve been published and become popular.


There are some games that have musical sequencers built into them. Games like Mario Paint, WarioWare D.I.Y. and Cosmic DJ are such games. I would like to call them music creation games as well although they haven’t really got the actual gameplay and composing mixed together. Instead they have this separate tool with which you create music.

Sandbox games

Some games allow you as a player to do all kinds of things. And many such games have musical abilities built into them as well. Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Maker have all great communities that have created plenty of musical content with the creative tools of the games.


My plan is to develop some kind of music creation game for the thesis and then maybe write about the development process or the game design. I really would like to make this kind of games in the future too.

But now all the best to you and thanks for reading! 🙂


Pichlamir, Kayali, Levels of sound: On the principles of interactivity in music video games