Playing with Snapshot Mode of Super Mario Odyssey

Hey! I’ve been into photography for some time now. I think originally the inspiration for taking photos has come from my father. He used to take photos with a film camera back then. But nowadays can you even say that you do photography as a hobby? Phones, Instagram you know…

Icy Greetings

Anyway I just got my copy of Super Mario Odyssey which is undeniably a super game but it also comes with a Snapshot Mode. The mode’s got all kinds of filters built into it as a default so you won’t have to edit your posts outside the game. I think I could spend so much time just with the tool, playing with camera angles and filters to come up with some fun photos.

So here are some I’ve taken so far. Enjoyyyy! :DDD

Sky Diving vol. 1
Sky Diving vol. 2
Super Mario… galaxy?
King of the (C)hill